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  • Release Date: February 2018
  • Length: 17:37
  • Label: Brent Roach Project
  • Producer: Marcello Vieira

Angel - About the Record

"Angel” is a phenomenal song/album from Canadian Songwriter, and Guitarist Brent Roach. Incredible musicianship, great sonic dynamics, and lyrics that will tear at your heart are only a few phrases that could be used to describe the work of Roach with this song.

Brent Roach Project reaches deep into a progressive rock influence that lives very close to the stylings of Dream Theater. “Angel” features a superb use of dynamics as we see some portions of the song that features melodic Piano, while others feature powerful guitar riffs to create a series of waves and troughs in the sonic spectrum that will hook your ears and not allow you to let go.

“Angel” kicks off with subtle piano creating dark and minor sounding ambience that sets the tone for rest of the song. A haunting yet soul filled voice delivers the first verse. As Verse 1 ends, a drum fills builds us into the powerful pre-chorus which builds even more as it leads into the Chorus. The sheer power of the Chorus is a marvel to behold. The vocals are high and powerful, the drums are powerful, the bass is powerful, and the guitar holds the driving force behind the power.

From the perspective of a musician, one of the most beautiful aspects of this song is how well the song is mixed. Every piano key, every drum pound, every bass note, every guitar chord, every vocal in the harmonies, and every lyric punches through with a clear and precise clarity, which is no small production feat.

Lyrically, if we dive into what “Angel” is all about, we either find ourselves relating to something we’ve unfortunately experienced, or find ourselves thinking about one of our deepest fears. “Angel” tells the story of a deceased loved one, and the importance she still holds in his heart. I guarantee that, if you truly listen to the lyrics and the power behind them, you will not be able to feel unmoved.

“Angel” is simply something you need to experience. The power simply transcends being classified merely as a song, as the combination of ambience, raw power, and dark subject material makes listening to “Angel” seem to be more of an experience. An experience that leaves you unsatisfied as you hunger and thirst for more.

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